In Review: Time After Time – Out Of Time

H.G. and Jane rush to repair the damaged time machine before Dr. John Stevenson - now better known as "The Key Killer" - strikes again.

Synopsis: H.G. and Jane rush to repair the damaged time machine before Dr. John Stevenson – now better known as “The Key Killer” – strikes again.

Review: We get no travel this week because much of the episodes focus is on figuring out who is who and who knows what. While H.G. and Jane seek help to fix the time machine.

We get more hints with regards to H.G. and Stevenson’s first time travelling journey from an old lady who sends her son after H.G. in order to try and stop something terrible from happening again. What exactly we don’t know.

Also revealed is the fact that Griffin Vanessa’s hubby and future Senator actually knows more than he is letting on and has been playing dumb.

A lot of time is spend with Jane and H.G. getting to know each other and it all looks like things are getting quite cozy.

Meanwhile Stevenson who has given H.G. a 12 hour ultimatum before he kills again gets a little distracted by a scientist called Brook who has a certain fascination with him.

In one of the shows big promotional teasers for things to come in the season. We get a glimpse of some time travel to the 1930’s as well as to an Island where Doctor Moreau is mentioned. Could this Brook be some relation?

It seems that this series has a fair few players that know about H.G. and Stevenson and certain factions are beginning to surface, which makes for some interesting conspiracy story telling.

Hopefully we’ll learn more in the weeks to come and lets hope that the writers don’t go to Vampire Diaries levels with the discussed love triangle. I’d rather they keep it as an adventure format as apposed to killing the show with soap suds.

All that said. Thus far I’m still enjoying what I am watching.

Time After Time - Out Of Time
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