In Review: Thunderbirds Are Go – Up From The Depths (Part 2)

When the Mechanic steals some volatile iridium. Brains must make drastic alterations to Thunderbird 3 to save the day.

Synopsis: When the Mechanic steals some volatile iridium. Brains must make drastic alterations to Thunderbird 3 to save the day.

Review: Continuing from last week. The team are still trying to get TV-21 back from The Mechanic, but when he steals some Iridium the recovery of it and TV-21 also turns into a rescue mission and the Thunderbird’s have to make a really difficult choice.

Some really good stuff in this episode. Right off the bat we have Scott giving chase to The Mechanic in Thunderbird 1, but losing control to the point where Grand Ma Tracy talks him through some fancy manoeuvring in order to pull out of a dangerous spin. This moment was followed up with Grand Ma telling Alan about the legacy of TV-21 and how it led his father to build five ships and form International Rescue.

Everyone has a part to play in this. One the ground we Have Lady Penelope, Parker and Kayo finding the location from where the Mechanic is controlling things remotely.

While this is going on Alan and Virgil are attempting to recover the Iridium and hopefully save TV-21, but wind up having to let TV-21 go in order to save the life of the inept Ned Teldford and save the Iridium, which was kind of sad.

We also saw an enjoyable duel between Thunderbird 3 with help from Maximum Max taking on the Mechanic and managing to hold its own.

With Jeff Tracy still missing. I am beginning to wonder if the boys will find him this season. I mean the fact that we have now seen his ship and such makes me wonder if he will turn up.

Over all though this was an entertaining conclusion to an episode that gave some interesting back story about how Thunderbird’s was formed.  A good episode, but somewhat of a disappointment given the expectation that was set up in the first part.

Thunderbirds Are Go - Up From The Depths (Part 2)
  • The Good: The moments in which the legacy of international rescue is mentioned
  • The Bad: I was disapointed that they saved Ned Tedford as apposed to TV-21
  • Story
  • Voice Acting
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  • Raissa Devereux (@RaissaDevereux)
    27 November 2016 at 3:04 am -

    I loved Grandma talking Scott through the save. I was also disappointed they didn’t save TV-21. They are going to have to address Jeff Tracy.

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