In Review: Thunderbirds Are Go – The Man From TB 5

Lady Penelope brings John as her guest to a charity event while Gordon and Alan take the watch aboard Thunderbird 5

Synopsis: Lady Penelope brings John as her guest to a charity event while Gordon and Alan take the watch aboard Thunderbird 5.

Review: The Hood returns with a plot to steal loads of money from the various wealthy people that are gathered around at the charity benefit. He doesn’t count on John Tracy being there. What follows is a seamless blend of action and comedy as John, Lady Penelope and Parker try to keep people safe from the Hoods nefarious plans until help arrives.

Much of the comedy is split between Parker trying to sort out the bad guys and Gordon and Alan trying to negotiate their entry into Thunderbird 5 and getting little help from EOS the stations operating system, which is very protective. We also get some new fun gadgetry from Brians who has installed lots of useful tech into John Tracy’s tuxedo.

Kayo gets a run out in Thunderbird Shadow and is definitely of use when it comes to dealing with her evil Uncle aka The Hood. It will be fun to see more episodes with Kayo involved. They have been a bit light on them in recent weeks and she is a more fun character to watch than Lady Penelope in my opinion, but that that’s just my opinion. I’m sure lots of people will disagree.

I really enjoyed this episode and thought the CGI and model work was outstanding. I particularly enjoyed the idea of a building suspended between various cliff faces with cables. I personally would not feel safe in such a structure, but it makes for some fun storytelling and great rescue scenarios. An example being when John uses a fork to block the laser cutters, which Hood installed from cutting through the cables to fast.

Overall. This was a brilliant episode with lots of drama, action and a sprinkling of good humour, which is all the ingredients that we enjoy having in Thunderbirds.

Thunderbirds Are Go - The Man From TB 5
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  • Lisa
    12 November 2017 at 6:34 pm -

    Disculpa, pero mi inglés es pésimo. The Hood no reconoció a John Tracy? Es que no ha investigado? Se supone que en la nueva serie no son anónimos. Se perdió una buena ocasión de elevar la tensión si the Hood lo reconocía.

    • Ian Cullen
      12 November 2017 at 6:55 pm -

      I think we have to assume that John Tracy is the one anonymous team member. Given that he shied away from going to the party and turned down all future invitations when offered in the show. My guess is that would be it.

      As far as the others. Hood has met Virgil and the other team members from when they took him down the first time with help from Kayo. And he knew who Lady Penelope was.

      BTW I used google translate to read your Spanish. My Spanish is likely worse than your English. Thank goodness for Google Translate.