In Review: Thunderbirds Are Go – Legacy

A number of carefully staged disasters involve everyone at International Rescue. Kayo discovers that the Hood is behind these acts of terrorism.

Synopsis: A number of carefully staged disasters involve everyone at International Rescue. Kayo discovers that the Hood is behind these acts of terrorism.

Warning This Review Contains Spoilers…

5. 4. 3. 2. 1. consider yourself warned.

Review: This episode starts as Kayo is about to reveal the truth about her relationship to the Hood, but as everyone is gathered to hear what she has to say. Several emergencies happen, which draw every single rescue ship out into the open.

As each of the Tunderbird ships arrives at there destinations they find nothing to rescue. Kayo smells rat at this point and gets Lady Penelope on the coms and tells her to initiate an emergency protocol in order to scramble communications and generally make life difficult the Hood and his cronies. Kayo then gets Scott on coms and tells him she is heading back to Tracy island because she feels the calls they have been forced to answer have been staged. Scott objects and says that they should stay put just in case, but Kayo’s mind is set and she leaves anyway.

As she returns to Tracy Island Kayo finds that the Hood has taken over. At this point the evil mastermind opens coms to the other members of International Rescue and informs them that he has taken over the Island and threatens to do some pretty despicable things if Kayo does not hang over control of the Island to him. Kayo is forced to pretty much hand over control, but it turns out to be a really clever double bluff.

As the episode draws to a close and The Hood is getting more and more desperate. He reveals Kayo’s secret to the team and tells them that she has been working for him all the time. Kayo of course admits to being the Hoods niece, but makes it clear that she has not been working for him. The expressions of the hurt on the various Tracy Brother’s faced really sold this moment. And made this episode one of the best in terms of emotional impact. At this point Kayo’s plan comes to fruition as all the Thunderbird rescue ships come to her aid and destroy the Hoods get away vessel, which forces him to deactivate an explosive device he has planted on Tracy Islands back up generator, which happens to be on an adjacent island.

By the end The Hood is brought to justice.

This was a really well constructed season finale for the show and exemplified everything that has been so good about the series to date. Although initially I was dubious about the disasters interrupting Kayo’s revelation. Having the Hood reveal her secret worked really well.

I also loved how Kayo used an emergency protocol and her wits in order to form a double bluff every bit as worthy as one of uncles schemes. The Tracy Brothers should be really thankful that she is on their side.

Bring on Season 2 is all I can say.


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  • Raissa Devereux (@RaissaDevereux)
    23 January 2016 at 4:16 pm -

    It was excellent. Looking forward to S2.

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