In Review: Thunderbirds Are Go – Hyperspeed

When the inaugural run of a brilliant engineer's newly built Hyperloop begins to go wrong, Scott must find a way to slow the thing down without stopping it.

Synopsis: When the inaugural run of a brilliant engineer’s newly built Hyperloop begins to go wrong, Scott must find a way to slow the thing down without stopping it.

Review: This week the team are faced with a puzzle that requires Brains, Thunderbird 1, 2 and 5 to stop the Hyperloop, which is a new faster than light method of transportation. When the hyperloop speeds up for no apparent reason. The inventor who is voiced by David Tennant calls upon the Thunderbirds for help.

Scott is first to the scene and tries a number of ways to try and stop the vehicle. He is aided by Brains newest innovation. The mini Max, which is a more compact version of the Max robot that helps the team from time to time. After having tried various ways to slow the hyperloop down. Brain’s learns that Tycho Reeves the inventor of the vehicle has made a slight error in his calculations. This leads to the team attempting a daring rescue.

This was a really good episode with lots happening. David Tennant puts in a wonderful performance as inventor Tycho Reeves who is in genuine shock when he learns of his error. I loved the back and forth between Tycho and Brains as the two great minds try to work the problem.

The sequence where Scott is underneath the Hyperloop trying to replace its power cells is a thrill to watch and was edge of the seat stuff. It also allowed us to see The Mini Max in action as it collects the old power cells, but thus far the miniature Max does not have the personality of his bigger brother. I hope we get to see that at a later date.

Overall. A great episode with a really nice guest turn from David Tennant. Let’s hope that we get to see Tycho again on some future venture.

Thunderbirds Are Go - Hyperspeed
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