In Review: Thunderbirds Are Go – Clean Sweep

Parker squares off with a figure from his past.

Synopsis: When an atmospheric cleaning machine malfunctions, trapping the maintenance crew inside, Parker must square off with a figure from his misspent youth.

Review: Thunderbird 1 and 2 are dispatched to rescue two maintenance workers from a collapsing machine, which is leaking toxic waste. Unfortunately, none of the Tracy brothers are able to get hold of an electronic key to shut off the turbines because the operator of the cleaning machine is a stickler for rules and regulation. To that end, they call upon Parker and Lady Penelope’s faithful dog Sherbert.

Upon meeting the operator Parker is surprised to find it is his old partner in petty crime Fred who had a reputation for being the best pickpocket around. This revelation makes for a run moment in which Parker and Fred square off. At first with their pickpocketing skills and then something more physical.

The rescue sequence which ensues is dramatic and edge of the seat stuff. I enjoyed the sequence in which Scott Tracy flys into the cleaning machine and has to use a jetpack to get to the trapped maintenance team. And the moment toward the close of the rescue where he remotely controls Thunderbird 2 out of the cleaning machine is a visual treat.

It was also cool to see John Tracy get more involved in a rescue given that he is usually out in space watching over the entire planet and intercepting distress calls. John has the important job of getting the electronic key card in place, which is not as easy as it sounds.

Thunderbird 2, which is flown by Virgil has the important job of creating entry points for Thunderbird 1 and later comes into play to help John get the toxic waste tank to safety.

Overall. This was an exciting episode with some pretty cool ideas. It also has some great comedy moments, which made great use of Parker and Lady Penelope’s dog Sherbert.

Thunderbirds Are Go - Clean Sweep
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  • Chris Watson
    6 November 2017 at 2:03 pm -

    The wrong guy lost his job. It was the impulsive behaviour of the pilot of the cleaning pod that caused the emergency, endangered the lives of the pod crew, caused the loss of company property and polluted the environment.

  • dalek01012
    6 November 2017 at 2:53 pm -

    Very true. But the counter argument would be that the operator lost his job for being a dick. Which is not really a proper justification. It is probably how some people would see it. That said he still did not adhere to the first rule in the rulebook when it concerned emergencies. So his misinterpretation of that rule and his lack of cooperation with International rescue likely had more to do with his losing his job than his dickish behavior. I personally think both pilot and operator should have lost their jobs because both were at fault during the episode.

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