In Review: Thor: Metal Gods – Episode 9

Nihilator’s forces attack the Orlando. The Orlando fights back.

Synopsis: Nihilator’s forces attack the Orlando. The Orlando fights back.

Review: This is the longest episode yet and clocks in at roughly 47 minutes and change, but it’s well worth the time, given that we are getting one hell of an epic battle as Loki, The Zia, Skarra, and Horangi take on Nihilators forces.

The Story

This episode kicks off with a brief flashback sequence that explains what Thor did or failed to recognize when he fought the rebels in Miskander many years ago. Which sets things up for why he refuses to wield Mjolnir in the battle against Nihilators forces who have pretty much boarded The Orlando.

Instead, much of the tactics and planning for the battle is left to Loki as The Zia, Skarra, and Horangi do their best to keep Nihilators forces at bay. Which is just as well given that Thor is so wracked with guilt that he refuses to use his hammer, which would easily turn the tide of the battle.


Daniel Gillies continues to impress with the various voices for the characters but also excels at describing the action in a very animated way. I loved how he intonated the moment when Horangi went from her Tiger form into a comet, which pretty much took out a bunch of Nihilators ships. I also loved how he voiced Loki in this episode. Specifically when Loki was taunting the enemy.


This was the most epic episode to date and writer Yoon Ha Lee did an awesome job of writing the battle and balancing the action with some nice character moments for Loki and Thor as well as describing the action in an exciting and visceral way. Ha Lee’s descriptive powers were so good that you could almost picture the battle in your head while you listened or read the story.

With only 6 episodes left to go. I’m looking forward to hearing how this will all play out.

Thor: Metal Gods - Episode 9
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