In Review: Thor: Metal Gods – Episode 8

An old friend tells Thor what really happened on Miskandar

Synopsis: An old friend tells Thor what really happened on Miskandar and Lila Cheney aids in a daring escape.

Review: This episode reveals a terrible truth, which completely floors the God of Thunder.

The Story

While still withing the Kree compound the group has a chance meeting with thief Lila Cheney who teams up with Loki for a secret mission while Thor, Horangi, Zia, and Skarra go in search of the crown. As the story progresses we learn that Loki is looking for Thor’s old companion from Miskandar. The robot called Recorder 211. Loki hopes to find something on the old robot that he can use against his brother.

Elsewhere, Thor, Horangi, Zia, and Skarra have found the crown and must figure out a way by which they can get a hold of it, but unfortunately, they do not have the luxury of time because Nihalater is hot on their heels.


Daniel Gillies continues to deliver the goods insofar as providing unique voices for all the characters. His Thor continues to be strong and emotive. Even when brought to his knees within the context of the story. We get a shocking revelation about Miskandar, which throws Thor for a loop as he learns that his own sense of vanity and ego led to the destruction of an entire race. This moment in the stories narrative was performed wonderfully as was Loki’s smugness at learning how much that his brother had messed up.

I also really enjoyed the banter between Loki and Lila as the two set about stealing Recorder 211 who was repurposed for a different use after getting a promotion.


Jay Edidin delivers another great chapter for this ongoing story. I really enjoyed how Lila was introduced and how she fitted in with the story. The addition of Loki continues to add the much-needed counterbalance to the heroic nobility of Thor.

We get left with a fantastic Cliffhanger in which The Orlando is under attack, which sets things up beautifully for next week.

Thor: Metal Gods - Episode 8
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