In Review: Thor: Metal Gods – Episode 7

The hunt for the crown takes our heroes to the Kree Armory where Loki puts his talents to good use.

Synopsis: The hunt for the crown takes our heroes to the Kree Armory where Loki puts his talents to good use.

Review: Jay Edidn takes over the writing duties for this intriguing 7th Chapter.

The Story

Having gotten away from the roughest bar in the galaxy. Thor and his friends have time to get reacquainted with Loki who is just as complex and tricky as he always is. As part of their ongoing plan to get the crown away from Nihilator. The group discusses their plans. Until Loki comes up with a bold scheme to steal weapons from a Kree Armory. A heist that he has apparently been planning for years, but never told anyone about. As you can imagine. Loki’s secrecy about this scheme is a cause of some concern from his brother Thor.

The Narration

This latest scheme from Loki allows narrator Daniel Gillies the chance to commit to some proper banter between Thor and Loki. A job that he fully commits too and then some. When you read the Thor comics or watch the movies. It is always fun to read the two brothers as they quip away at each other like siblings often will whether it is in play or other circumstances. Gillies continues to do a pretty good voice for Thor and his Loki voice is also pretty good. I enjoyed how seamlessly he seemed to be able to flit between the different voices in the story.


After last week’s fairly frantic episode, which saw the bar fight happen. This chapter is fairly low key allowing some time for some character beats and for Loki to explain his scheme to the others. The episode closes out as they are about to engage in Loki’s scheme to get the weapons that they will most likely need.

The episode also allows from some more backstory and character growth for Horangi who is a central figure in this story given that it is because of her subjects that they have all banded together.

Overall. A pretty solid chapter, which is setting things up for what will most likely be an interesting heist story for next week.

Thor: Metal Gods - Episode 7
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