In Review: Thor: Metal Gods – Episode 6

Loki reluctantly agrees to help Thor recover the stolen crown. Nihilator sends Skarra a disturbing dream.

Synopsis: Loki reluctantly agrees to help Thor recover the stolen crown. Nihilator sends Skarra a disturbing dream.

Review: Continuing the story from last week. This episode opens up with a mightly big barroom brawl.

The Story

Picking up from where last week left off. This episode opens up in the middle of a barroom brawl, which began last week when Thor went looking for Loki. Now having found his trickster brother. Thor must fight his way through the bar with help from Horangi in order to catch up with him, but a challenge lies before them in the form of a mindless bouncer who is very determined.

Also helping Thor and his friends is Skarra who is troubled by the destruction of their world and is being sent troubling dreams from Nihilater. Skarra is obviously struggling with a bit of post-traumatic stress and is barely holding on.


Daniel Gillies does a pretty good job of keeping track of the action with his narration of the action. The way he handles Skarra’s subtext within the context of the action is really well performed. As is how he describes the moment where Loki is trying to sneak away.


Brian Keene’s writing for these last couple of chapters has been my favorite to date. We’re definitely beginning to get to the business end of the story now and having Thor and Loki together again is going to make for some interesting and funny banter as the story moves forward.

I enjoyed the moment of reunion between Loki and Zia and look forward to learning the backstory for that relationship in future chapters.

I also very much enjoyed the fact that room was found in the busy brawl to give Howard the Duck another brief moment to shine. It’s a very brief exchange between Thor and Howard, but it’s a fun moment that works well. I still think we need a rebooted Howard the Duck movie.

Thor: Metal Gods - Episode 6
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