The thrilling conclusion to what has been 15 weeks of epic storytelling

Synopsis: Battling on the edge of a black hole, Thor and Loki face down Nihilator as the fate of the universe hangs in the balance.

The Story

Having broken the Dark Crown in the last episode Thor managed to free Skarra from the Nihalators influence, which left Nichalator without a body. Battling at the edge of a Black Hole Thor and his friends have little choice but to stand and fight in order to put an end to Nihalator’s plans, but what does that mean for Thor?

Aaron Stewart-Ahn writes a stunning series finale for what has been an epic-sized adventure for Thor, Loki, The Zia, Skarra, and Horangi.

The Narration

Daniel Gillies gets some fantastic dialogue to work within this week’s final episode of ‘Thor: Thor Metal Gods’ and rises to the challenge in such a way that it would make even Norse Gods think twice about messing with him. In this final chapter, we have dramatically epic lines such as, “I punched a black hole in the face.” to name but one example. Amid all the fighting talk. We also have some tender moments as Thor and the core group of characters bid farewell to each other as they look to go on new adventures both near and far. The final moment between Thor and Skarra is particularly beautiful in that Skarra is finally at peace with herself and the fate of her planet, but also does not blame Thor for it either. This final conversation between the two characters is performed so well that I had a lump in my throat when listening. I also loved the music that Skarra was playing.


This is a wonderful conclusion to what has been an epic story. That said the final battle between Thor and Nihalator only really took up about 10 minutes of the story, but it was a pretty epic ten minutes in which Thor literally punches a black hole in the face and loses his hammer.

All the action aside though. It is the character moments at the end of this story that are both beautifully written and brilliantly performed.


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