With his companions under Nihilator’s influence, Loki makes a dangerous wager....

Synopsis: With his companions under Nihilator’s influence, Loki makes a dangerous wager as Skarra’s life hangs in the balance.

The Story

A lot happens in this penultimate episode, but for the most part it focuses on Loki, Thor, Horangi and The Zia as they each have their own personal dealings with Nihilator who is struggling to win any of them over. But most of all he is struggling with Loki and Skarra who are somehow resisting his trickery. The bottom line is Nihilator is trying to get himself a body to possess.

The Narration

Daniel Gillies continues to do a great job with the narration and continues to deliver very unique voices for all of the characters. I particularly liked what was done with the voice of Nihilator, which involved a little bit of trickery from Serial Boxes sound technicians to produce an echo effect on Gillies Voice to make Nihilators voice stand out as somewhat evil. The conversations between Nihilator, Loki, and Thor are the high points of this episode as Loki tries to trick Loki into submitting, but ultimately failing to do so. Nihilator’s strategy with Thor relies heavily on trying to exploit Thor’s guilt about the destruction of Miskander, but again he fails. But the dialogue and Gillies delivery of it is absolutely fantastic.


Running at over 40 minutes. This penultimate episode sets everything up for what will likely be a frantic finale in which Thor and his friends will struggle to escape Miskander as Nihilator does everything in his power to make them stay put.

The sound production in this episode was awesome. I really liked what the sound people did to Nihilator’s voice in that it wasn’t overdone and it struck just the right note. I also really enjoyed how we got an insight into what Nihilator was trying to tempt all the key players with so he could try and get a body to hitch a ride on.

Overall. An exciting penultimate chapter that is definitely building up to something really big for the finale.

THOR: METAL GODS – Episode 14
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