In Review: Thor: Metal Gods – Episode 13

Inside the Miskandarian royal palace, the crown’s dark influence spreads and Loki may be the galaxy’s only hope.

Synopsis: Inside the Miskandarian royal palace, the crown’s dark influence spreads and Loki may be the galaxy’s only hope.

The Story

With Thor, Horangi, and The Zia going slightly mad due to the effects of the Dark Crown. It is up to Loki to investigate as he follows Skarra into the deep recesses of the Miskandarian Palace in order to find out what is happening. A difficult task, given that Loki is not too sure about Skarra’s sanity as he continues to follow her.

The Narration

Danial Gillies continues to do a wonderful job of the narration as he describes the various ornate decor and furnishings of the palace as Loki follows Skarra as they make their way to the throne room. It was great that we got to spend some much time with Loki and Gillies does a great job of describing his internal thought processes as well as voicing Loki’s concerns to Skarra about The Crown and its effects.


This chapter of the story is totally about Loki and his personal struggle. It’s also really ironic given that Loki rather enjoys having the world thing that he is somewhat unstable, but is now faced with seeing Thor and the others slowly succumb to the insanity that the Dark Crown seems to spread.

We have a little interaction between Loki and Thor at the beginning of the chapter where Thor is being attacked by Horangi but is stopped in her tracks mid-transformation. Other than that. Most of this chapter is Loki and Skarra as they go deeper into the palace until eventually arriving at the Throne Room, which is where the chapter ends on a cliffhanger that will have fans on the edge of their seats.

Overall. A pretty solid chapter was full of character development for Loki and Skarra. I loved the descriptions of the furnishings as they walked the corridors of the palace and also loved the fact that Loki was second-guessing himself throughout. I look forward to see how things turn out next week in the penultimate episode.

Thor: Metal Gods - Episode 13
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