Our heroes follow Skarra to Miskandar where Loki realizes they’ve made a terrible mistake.

Synopsis: Our heroes follow Skarra to Miskandar where Loki realizes they’ve made a terrible mistake.

Review: With just three more episodes left. The story is getting to the business end as more and more is being revealed.

The Story

Having retrieved the Crown. Thor and his friends make their way to Miskandar where they all learn of the Crowns history from Skarra. All but Loki seem to be affected by either the crown or their surroundings. All except Loki, who is beginning to wonder if they have made a terrible mistake in returning the Crown to Miskandar.


Daniel Gillies has a lot of subtexts to play within this episode as he needs to sell us on the idea that Thor, Horangi and everyone other than Loki could well be going mad. But sell it in such a way that we much like Loki are wondering if they are or not. Overall. I think he does a pretty good job of selling it, but the person that seems most affected is Skarra who seems to be talking at thin air.


Writer Jay Edidin does a wonderful job and gives us an episode where we not only get a huge info dump with regards to the origins and the original use of the Crown, but we also get an element of intrigue in wondering whether some of the team are beginning to be driven mad by the Crown. I loved the moment where Thor declares to Loki that he is going to bring the Miskandarians back but momentarily has us all wondering if he will be able to magic the dead race up out of thin air.

I also enjoyed the moment where Loki asks Skarra who she is talking too.

Overall. This is a really enjoyable half-hour, which leaves things set on a nice little precipice for next week’s thrilling chapter.

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