The Orlando gets help from an unexpected source and Skarra answers the crown’s call.

Synopsis: The Orlando gets help from an unexpected source and Skarra answers the crown’s call.

Reviews: This week’s episode sees Thor and his friends having to reassure an unconvinced Frost Giant that there’s a place for her son in Vahalla.

The Story

The Orlando gets some help from a few Frost Giants who supplement the already formidable Valkyrie in helping them get at a safe distance from Nihilater and his forces. Loki has a sensative discussion with the Zia. And Skarra must answer the call of the crown.

The Narration

Daniel Gillies had his work cut out for him this week as he has to dig deep and narrate some rather complex relationships as well as a rather sensitive moment in which Thor must convince an anxious Frost Giant Parent that there is room for her son in Vahalla.


Coming in at a little under 30 minutes. This episode sees the crew of the Orlando licking their wounds somewhat from the recent encounters with Nihilator, which allows for some soul searching from the core group of characters.

This allows us to learn a little more about the relationship between The Zia and Loki as they have a candid talk about their emotions, which winds up with them reminiscing about their time together in Berlin of 1921. The Zia points out that Loki is not really the evil person that the Bards of Asgard make him out to be, but is a bit more complex.

Overall. This was a rather emotive episode, which sees us learning more about the various characters and their relationships, but also allows for some fantastic character beats.  The talk between The Zia and Loki has been building for weeks when we first saw that The Zia had a past with Loki. I look forward to seeing how all of this progresses in the weeks to come. Given that I quite enjoy Loki’s complexities and how Gillies voices him.

THOR: METAL GODS – Episode 11
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