As the space battle rages, Thor and Loki confront Sylvain and reinforcements arrive.

Synopsis: As the space battle rages, Thor and Loki confront Sylvain and reinforcements arrive.

Review: Clocking in at a modest 20 minutes. This 10th episode of Thor: Metal Gods packs a bit of a punch.

The Story

Thor and his friends have managed to put some distance between themselves and the Nihilators army, but The Orlando is running on fumes and Nihilator is gaining ground, which makes a confrontation inevitable.

After some time the group comes face to face with Sylvain who looks emaciated almost as if he is being eaten from the inside out. Of course, we get some cracking back and forth between Sylvain and Loki given that the two have a history, with each other from the days when they were in the same band. But it is Horangi that gets some of the best quips in. Of course, all this is sort of a play to keep him talking until reinforcements arrive.


Daniel Gillies continues to impress with his range of voices for the different characters and I suspect he may have particularly enjoyed this episode given how much his voice dripped with sarcasm when delivering Horangi’s quips in the general direction of Sylvain in this chapter. You kind of expect it from Loki. But to hear Horangi having a go was double the impact.

The absolute best bit of narration comes at the close of the episode as the Valkyries descend from the heavens mounted on their steeds.


Coming in as the shorted chapter to date at just 20 minutes. Writer Brian Keene wastes little time in picking the story up and presents us with some fun dialogue between the heroes and the main villain, before knocking us for six with the reinforcements riding in at the end.

I look forward to seeing where this story goes in next week’s chapter as the Valkyries get more of a part to play.

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