In Review: Thor – Love and Thunder

Thor: Love and Thunder (2022) sees Thor (Chris Hemsworth) face the next stage of his life.
Love and Thunder

Synopsis: Thor: Love and Thunder (2022) sees Thor (Chris Hemsworth) face the next stage of his life. But things take a surprise turn, and soon Thor faces an unexpected challenge. Luckily, he won’t be alone for the coming battle . . .



The concept of the story was well conceived. Unfortunately, the writing wasn’t great. Firstly, there wasn’t enough build up of Gorr (Christian Bale). Gorr (Christian Bale) is a hugely powerful being, in the marvel canon. Whilst the origin of him was told, the characterisation lacked, severely. Secondly, Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) was also wasted, too. This meant that Thor (Chris Hemsworth) didn’t really star in his own film. That was a shame. Another important character, Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) also lacked a decent arc. Someone else was absent altogether . . .

The finale of Thor: Love and Thunder just isn’t as satisfying as it might have been. The investment required in the characters, and the outcome isn’t there the same way as in other MCU films. Considering how high the stakes are, the excitement and tension don’t reflect either. The plot seems to be too centered around setting up future projects.


The cast performed well. But there was nothing that truly impressed. In fairness, this was a standard marvel movie, and so unlikely to produce any Oscar-winning performances. Having snagged such a huge talent as Christian Bale to play Gorr, there were expectations. Bale did as well as he could as the God Butcher. Sadly, the way that the character was written limited any chance of seeing anything truly wonderful occur. Still, Bale did bring complexity to the role.

CGI & Effects

The budget is always massive for this aspect of an MCU film. There were some good sequences. Specifically, the battles were great, especially the final battle. The symbiote elements used differed quite a lot from those seen so far on the big screen. In our review of Venom: Let There Be Carnage we highlighted how awesome CGI looked. This use wasn’t as dark, tonally, and it showed. Also, Gorr could have looked more sinister, too. The shadow world was cool.


Thor: Love and Thunder wasn’t a complete failure. Perhaps in some ways it could never have hoped to really follow Thor: Ragnarok (2017). This time around, the comedy felt a little forced, at times. It wasn’t actually always obvious you were watching an action film. Consequently, the characters felt a little like caricatures, in some scenes. Even Korg (Taika Waititi) seemed a parody of himself, on occasion. What’s apparent is that you really can’t make lightning strike twice. It seems the MCU has lost some of the magic of the previous phases. Let’s hope that it returns soon.


Thor: Love and Thunder is at cinemas now

Thor - Love and Thunder
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