In Review: The Wheel of Time (S2 – EP5) – Damane

Moiraine and Rand flee for their lives.

Synopsis: In Damane, Moiraine and Rand flee for their lives. Egwene and Nynaeve encounter a new foe. Perrin tries to find his friends. 


The Story

Picking the story up from where last week left off. Moiraine has gotten to Rand before Selene who is really Lanfear has been able to have her way with him. Now on the run with Lanfear in pursuit. Moiraine tells Rand that Lanfear is one of the Forsaken and is working for the Dark One.  As they manage to put some distance between themselves and Lanfear. The pair head to Moiraine’s sisters home to wash up and get fresh horses.

Meanwhile, Liandrin has captured Egwene, Nyneave, and Elayne and has taken them to High Lord Tarok who is the leader of the Seanchan. As Liandrin leaves she weaves a quick spell to free Nyneave’s ropes, which allows the three Aea Sedai novices to escape, but as they make a run for it. Egwene is recaptured and presented to Lord Tarok by High Lady Suroth who is looking to redeem herself having been punished earlier in the episode. 

At the White Tower Verin Mathwin is looking for Nyneave and Egwene and begins an investigation when she suspects that records have been forged. 

Elsewhere Perrin has left his pack to look for his friends who were captured by the Seanchan. Instead, he runs into some Whitecloaks who have captured a young woman by the name of Aviendha. Having past experience with the Whitecloaks. Perrin decides to save Aviendha and makes himself an ally. 

Meanwhile, Moiraine comes to the decision to stay at her sister’s with Rand for her nephew’s pending wedding. Lanfear and Ishmael plot their next move while they wait for Rand to go to sleep. Moiraine reveals to Rand that the past history involving The Dragon and Lanfear was of deep love and betrayal.


The Acting

Natasha O’Keeffe is fantastic as Selene/Lanfear and the scene between her and Ishamael (Fares Fares) toward the end of the episode gives fans quite a lot to ponder about the two characters who are forsaken and closest to The Dark One. Ayoola Smart puts in a solid first impression as Aviendha who joins up with Perrin after he saves her from the Whitecloaks. 



Damane is a solid episode that adds a little more mystery to the series and introduces an interesting new character. I loved the way in which Lanfear was hunting Rand and Moiraine at the start of the episode. I also enjoyed the storyline involving Egwene, Nyneave, and Elayne’s capture by the Seanchan. I also enjoyed Verin Mathwin’s investigation and the scenes she had in the White Tower. 

Overall Damane has set up some interesting storylines that will hopefully keep my interest in this show.
The Wheel of Time (S2 - EP5) - Damane
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