In Review: The Wheel of Time (S2 – EP4) – Daughter of the Night

Moiraine searches for Rand while Nynaeve mourns her losses.

Synopsis: In Daughter of the Night, Moiraine searches for Rand while Nynaeve mourns her losses.


The Story

Picking up from where last week left off. Nynaeve has returned from her journey through the arches and has lived a few years in the illusion that the third arch created. She is grieving for the loss of a daughter that wasn’t real. Now a full Aea Sedai Nynaeve has more freedom and when Liandrin informs her about some attacks to the west in her home Nynaeve plans to leave and manages to persuade Egwene and Elayne to go with her. But as they look to leave the White Tower Liandrin puts a stop to their plans to leave. 

Having set out on her journey to find Rand. Moiraine arrives in Foregate and pays a visit to her younger sister who looks a decade or so older than her because she is not Aea Sedai. After reconnecting with her sister Moiraine meets up with Logain Ablar and tells him to teach Rand all he knows about controlling his power. After this, she meets up with her sister once more before reconnecting with Rand and saving him from his new girlfriend Selene who is not who she seems to be.

Meanwhile, Perrin who was aided in escaping from the Seanchan by Elyas Machera begins to teach Perrin about his connection with the wolves.

Elsewhere, Min and Mat are free and enjoying a few drinks at a bar. All seems well until Ishmael catches up with Min.


The Acting

Rosamund Pike gets some great scenes alongside Lindsay Duncan who portrays Moiraine’s younger sister  Anvaere Damodred in the series. Anvaere has apparently secured power in the town of Foregate and knows pretty much everyone there.

Zoë Robins does a great job of showing us Nynaeve’s grief from the life that she thought was real. She gets some more great scenes with Kate Fleetwood’s Liandrin who seems to be playing a rather dangerous game. 



Daughter of the Night provides some solid character progression for many of the main cast but doesn’t really move the plot along all that much. In fact, aside from Moirane having to save Rand in the closing moments of the episode and Perrin learning more about his powers. Very little happens.


The Wheel of Time (S2 - EP4) - Daughter of the Night
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