In Review: The Wheel of Time (S1 – EP6) The Flame of Tar Valon

Moiraine faces the consequences of her actions.

Synopsis: In The Flame of Tar Valon. Moiraine faces the consequences of her actions. Mat faces the darkness in himself. Egwene faces the most powerful woman in the world.


The Story

Following up on events from the last few weeks. The politics of the Aes Sedai continue to unravel as Moiraine, Liandrin Guirale and Alanna Mosvani stand before The Amyrlin Seat and must answer for their actions. Liandrin is questioned about her decision to Gentle Logain Ablar given that it went against the ways of the Aes Sadai. Moiraine and Alanna explain to The Amyrlin Seat that they had little choice but to gentle Ablar as he was too powerful. Despite this, The Amyrlin Seat still feels that Liandrin must face pennants for her actions. However, Liandrin has other thoughts on the matter and throws Moiraine under the bus by accusing her of keeping secrets from The Amyrlin Chair. Now it is Moiraine that must face consequences.

Things get more interesting as the wheel turns and we learn that Moiraine has been working with The Amyrlin seat and is also romantically involved with her. We witness a scene where Moiraine visits the Amyrlin Seat also known as Siuan Sanche in her quarters. It is here where we learn that Siuache sent Moiraine on her journey to find the prophesized Dragon. Moiraine explains that she has found five people that could potentially be the Dragon. She also tells Siuan that she must exile her for her punishment, which will allow her to take Egwene, Perrin, Rand, Mat and Nynaeve to The Ways and journey to The Eye of The World and confront The Dark One. 


The Acting

Sophie Okonedo puts in a great performance as Siuan Sanche and is commanding and regal from the start. The scene in which we see Moiraine and the others questioned by her is fantastically staged and full of tension. This is thanks in no small part to some compelling performances from Rosamund Pike and Kate Fleetwood who really sell the animosity and contempt between Moiraine and Liandrin. Fleetwood is very good as she is pretty much in full-on bitch mode as her character figuratively throws Moiraine under a bus.



The Flame of Tar Valon moves things on by getting us through the political intrigues of The White Tower in a bid to move the story towards the adventure elements. This is achieved by Moiraine’s exile, which frees her up to take her five prospective dragons to the Ways where they must journey to the eye of the world. However, we get an interesting twist as one of Moiraine’s charges chooses not to go through. What that will mean for the group going forward remains to be seen, but given who it is. I suspect we are going to be in for some interesting twists as the series moves forward. 

Overall. The Flame of Tar Valon achieves what it sets out to do by laying the foundations for some much-needed action and magic in next week’s episode.

The Wheel of Time (S1 - EP6) The Flame of Tar Valon
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