In Review: The Wheel of Time (S1 – EP5) Blood Calls Blood

Perrin and Egwene run into a familiar face.

Synopsis: In Blood Calls Blood Perrin and Egwene run into a familiar face. Mat and Rand see strange ones. Moiraine and Lan mourn their loss.


The Story

Having lost some people in last week’s episode. Moiraine and the Aes Sedai make it back home to the White Tower where funeral arrangements are made for the Aes Sedai that they lost. But first Moiraine and Lan make sure that Nynaeve is secure as they fear that other factions will try and exploit her power. Moiraine urges Nynaeve to be mindful of the dangers of Aes Sedai politics. 

Rand and Mat finally arrive in the city and are close to the White Tower, but choose to take lodgings. Mat is still struggling with the evil fade that seems to have taken hold of him. While Rand is doing his best to be there for his friend.

Meanwhile, Perrin and Egwene who have been travelling with some nomads finally make it to the White Tower, but they are kidnapped by Eamon Valda and his Children of Light. A group of men who a deep loathing of the Aes Sedai. Valda tortures Perrin as a means to try and get Egwene to Channel for him. 


The Acting

The Acting in Blood Calls Blood was pretty solid throughout. Abdul Salis was convincingly menacing in his role of Eamon Valda and seemed to derive great satisfaction at making Perrin suffer. Likewise, Madeleine Madden in her role of Egwene really sold her defiance against Valda’s agenda.

We also get a strong performance from Zoë Robins as Nynaeve who has a couple of really strong scenes. We also get to see Nyneave briefly reconnect with Rand and Mat as she manages to get away from the white tower for a brief stint. I really like the story that she tells Rand and Mat about Egwene and how she is unbreakable. 



Not a great deal happens in this episode as most of it seems to be focused on Lan trying his hardest to help Stepin through his grief for the loss of Kerene Nagashi who he was very much in love with. Outside of that. The episode mostly deals with Rand and Mat’s arrival at the City and Perrin and Egwene.

Overall. After last week’s big reveal. This episode was a bit maudlin and somewhat of a letdown.


The Wheel of Time (S1 - EP5) Blood Calls Blood
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