In Review: The Wandering Earth

Released recently on Netflix. The Wandering Earth has been described as China's first Hard SciFi blockbuster.

Synopsis: An Eons-long mission is suddenly doomed. When hope is light years away, will they forsake the place they’ve called home?

Review: Loosely based on the short science fiction novel of the same name by award-winning writer Liu Cixin. This Chinese Blockbuster plays out more like ‘Armageddon’ with the ragtag group of humans trying to save the earth while it travels on a long journey to a new solar system.

The Story

The storyline of this film is set in a near future where the sun has started to misbehave and is basically dying. Which sees humanity pull together to form world alliance in order to save humanity and the earth from destruction. Instead of relocating the earth’s population to a new planet. The powers that be come up with a diabolical plan to attach thrusters to the earth and fly the planet to a new home that is 2500 years away. The only problem is. With no more sun to warm the planet. The entire surface of Earth is frozen, which means that a series of underground habitats have to be built near the thrusters for people to live in. But it is luck of the draw as to who can live there.

As a way into the film’s story, we are introduced to an astronaut and his family as he is about to go on a mission into space in order to attach thrusters to the Earth. The father of the family introduced the story through a fairly substantial monologue and says goodbye to his son and goes off for 17 years to complete his mission. The story then fast forwards 17 years where the son steals a car to go to the surface of the Earth to meet his father who has returned.

From that point on. The crap really hits the fan and we are taken on a roller coaster ride of thrills and high octane action.

The Acting

Although I watched the dubbed English version of the film. The performances throughout were pretty good with the somewhat shallow and limited material they were given. To be honest it all a mishmash from one series of action beats to another with some rather rudimentary and basic character beats.


Released recently on Netflix. The Wandering Earth has been described as China’s first Hard SciFi blockbuster. I’m not sure what that description really means given that a lot of the science in the movie seems to be very speculative at best. In that, I don’t think flying a planet to a different solar system has ever been done or attempted.

In a nutshell. ‘The Wandering Earth’ is a fun thrill ride that is much in the same vein as 90s epic movies such as ‘Armageddon’ or any given James Cameron or Michael Bay movie.

The effects of shots and CGI is eye-popping and the soundtrack is pretty damn epic. But as far as the story goes. It’s completely nuts on an epic scale.

The Wandering Earth
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