In review: The Walking Dead’s ‘Always Accountable’

Darryl, Abraham and Sasha survive against new threats after leading away hordes of the dead

Sunday nights episode of The Walking Dead from AMC and the mind of Robert Kirkman entitled, ‘Always Accountable‘ was a very action packed episode which featured Darryl Dixon (Norman Reedus), Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) and Sasha (Sonequa Martin Green) fighting to survive an encounter with not only dead walkers, but a rogue group of human attackers.

When the episode began we saw three of Alexandria’s fiercest warriors attempting to make their way back home after leading a large herd of Walkers away from their adopted safe zone, when they were seemingly ambushed by a large group of well armed men.

While Darryl, Abraham and Sasha escaped, they were separated and forced to survive their own individual adventures with Darryl being captured by seemingly good people on the run from those who had initially attacked him. Abraham and Sasha on the other hand spent most of the episode dealing with Abraham’s personal demons, which are seemingly as dangerous as the dead he spends most of his time running from.

‘Always Accountable’ served to highlight and reinforce exactly those reasons why we all love the soft hearted yet hard shelled and rebellious Darryl Dixon when we see him captured, almost killed and mistaken for a marauder, yet still willing to go back and deliver much needed insulin to one of the three apocalypse survivors running from those they apparently stole from.

Dixon even attempted to protect and lead the small group to the Alexandria safe zone after asking the much value three questions: ‘How many Walkers have you killed? How many people have you killed? Why?‘ And while it seemed as though Alexandria was about to get two more decent people after the group lost on of its two females, who she potentially knew when the world still made sense, the very scared couple instead stole Darryl’s bike, saying only, “I’m sorry.” to which Darryl replied “You will be.”

But at issue was really the question of why these two folks chose to steal Darryl’s bike rather than trust him and it would seem to relate back toy and who they were running from in the first place? Just exactly who is this new group of renegade humans lead by someone named ‘Wade’ and what code is it that they live by that would most likely conflict with Rick and his still innocent survivors living a relatively safe life within the walls of the sheltered community Darryl now calls home.

Of great interest as well within this episode was just what exactly was going on within Abraham to have him acting up to such an extent that Sasha seemed to be the more reasonable of the two as both survivors found themselves going a bit stir crazy waiting for Daryl to find them in the Army recruiters office.

Likewise, Abraham seems to have fallen for Sasha even though Rosita was at that moment waiting for her man to return to her within the safety of Alexandria’s walls. Readers of the comic however, will also recall that Abraham also strayed into the arms of another women within Kirkman’s Skybound comic universe.

Lastly, as Darryl picks up Abraham and Sasha in the fuel truck he found, the radio seems to come alive with a request of “Help” and the only real question really is whether or not it is in fact Glenn calling out to his friends for some much greatly needed assistance. But only time will tell it seems . . .


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