In Review: The Walking Dead ‘Try’

Bring plenty of Kleenex as it is once again about to get real in the zombie apocalypse.

Last night’s episode of The Walking dead entitled, ‘Try’ from AMC and the mind of Robert Kirkman, was another great episode leading up to next week’s ninety minute season five finale, which everyone is anxiously looking forward to, while not wanting to loose yet another beloved character.

The most interesting aspect of ‘Try’ along with the past few episodes seems to be how the living are learning to live and deal with life within the supposed ‘safety’ of Alexandria’s walled community. The question being whether or not someone can come back from being a rabid animal and learn to once again be civilized, unless of course the old notions of civility are simply gone in this very scary brave new world.

It seems to me that Carl’s potential girlfriend, Enid, understands something very important in the apocalypse now-a-days, which she said to Carl as they shared very close quarters within a hollowed tree, waiting for the dead to pass, “It’s their world; we’re just living in it!

Everyone it seems got a little bit of their story addressed last night as Daryl and Aaron came across more mutilated corpses, all bearing a ‘W’ carved into their forehead. And it is this ‘W’ which is about to hold so much significance for a good portion of next season, while holding an incredible amount significance for the upcoming and last episode of Season five, which will air next Sunday, March 29, 2015 for an incredible ninety minute episode. An episode which all should be prepared to be a game changer in the Walking Dead’s evolving and ongoing story line.

This episode also focused on Rick and Sasha’s ongoing struggle with coming to grips with their new reality in which the old ways we all knew are in stark contrast to the new ways of the brutal reality, which is the zombie apocalypse. While Sasha it seems is content taking out her inner demons by hunting walkers, Rick’s method is simply killing off those who cannot come to terms with the way things are in this strange new zombie world.

So by the end of the episode we see Rick gaining Jessie’s permission to take care of her by confronting Pete over his abusive ways, while Deanna it seems now sees Rick as potentially one of the most dangerous threats posed to the walled Alexandria community. So the end of the episode sees Rick so much like Shane that it is scary, as he points a gun around at those confronting his forced intervention on the community’s only surgeon, just before Michonne knocks Rick unconscious.

Wow . . . this was a great episode which really leaves the show’s fans unprepared for the surprise guests we shall see in the next and final episode of season five. Bring plenty of Kleenex as it is once again about to get real in the zombie apocalypse.

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