In review: The Walking Dead ‘Them’

Things seem to be at perhaps their worst for Rick and his group of Walking Dead survivors.

The tenth episode of The Walking dead’s fifth season, entitled ‘Them’ was an important episode for Rick and his group of zombie apocalypse survivors as we see the group at perhaps its lowest point in a very long time. The food is gone, there is no water and everyone is on foot with some sixty miles to go before they reach their very uncertain destination.

Everyone is likewise in a very dark place as the constant struggle to survive, along with the non-stop cycle of loosing fellow loved ones and survivors seems to be overtaking even the strongest of the group as even Daryl does not seem immune to the depression that has gripped himself and his fellow survivors. But a little self-mutilation seemed to do the trick and allow Darryl to mourn the loss of Beth and somewhat deal with the stress of a hellish life that seems to be defining the group’s days as of late.

The road likewise seems to be giving everyone little to no reprieve as walkers seem to trail Rick’s people for miles and even a pack of wild dogs attempts to make a meal out or everyone as they stop to catch their breath, but in fact this is a good occurrence as the dogs make a welcome meal themselves.

As members of the group have been killed off at a fairly decent rate as of late, the group-wide depression left me most worried for Maggie (Lauren Cohan) as her character attempted suicide at this stage in the comic series. But her alternate dimension self seems to be made of stronger stuff as she ultimately helps Sasha (Sonequa Martin Green), deal with the very recent loss of both her lover and brother.

But all hope is not lost as life saving and rejuvenating rain saves the group’s from having to take the chance and drink much needed water left for them with a note which simply says, ‘From a friend.‘ The approaching storm however sees the group take shelter in a barn before a new and regular member of the cast is introduced as Aaron (Ross Marquand).

While the group is obviously wary of this nicely dressed stranger, Aaron is in actuality the greeter for the Alexandria based safe haven and community which the next story arc of Robert Kirkman’s universe will see as home to Rick and his very tired group.

‘Them’ was a good episode and supplied insight into the perils faced with traveling the road and sometimes simply surviving long-term in the zombie apocalypse. This life it seems is one in which pain, loss, death and uncertainty are sometimes the only certainties left to be counted on.

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