In Review, The Walking Dead’s ‘The Lost and the Plunderers’

There were still some tears for Carl, plenty of zombie action, and a metephorical taking out of the trash.

The tenth episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead’s eighth season entitled, ‘The Lost and the Plunderers‘ aired this past Sunday with a final end to one of the weaker elements of the show that seemed to only bog the series down.

The very beginning of the episode was quite sentimental and entertaining as we see Rick (Andrew Lincoln), and Michonne (Danai Gurira), still dealing with the aftermath of Carl’s death. Even as they must escape a now zombie infested Alexandria, they are reminded of Carl almost every step of the way. From Carl’s and Judith’s blue hand prints, to the letters Carl left for everyone, including his Father Rick and even Negan, as played by Jeffery Dean Morgan. And along the way, Rick and Michonne also took out many a zombie in grand fashion.

Surprisingly, we even see what can only be described as a hint of Negan’s humanity peering out from behind his rough and tough veneer in this episode. In one instance we see genuine sorrow when Negan expresses sorrow over Carl’s death and also when he refers to the work of the Saviors being the saving of people.

Negan forcefully orders Simon to teach the ‘Scavengers’ a lesson, by only killing one of Jadis’s people to teach them a lesson and keep the system working. Negan goes on to say, “. . . because while it may be hard, it damn well works.” In essence, this is Negan being moral and caring for those he protects in the apocalypse by providing order through strength, which in his mind is giving people what they need, by keeping them safe.

Against Negan’s wishes however, Simon as played by Simon Ogg, has his men shoot down and murder all of the Scavengers, leaving only Jadis as played by, Pollyanna McIntosh, alive to reign over the zombie remains of her people. An obscure group of apocalypse survivors and traitors who have in my opinion, been one of the weaker elements in recent seasons of the Walking Dead. It was actually a very entertaining moment in the episode when a traumatized Jadis creatively puts an end to all of her zombified people in an industrial sized trash compacter.

While Jadis is left alive by the Saviors, ensuring that we will see more of her character, it was quite refreshing to be rid of the Scavengers as well as their weird language and trash infested lifestyle. In truth, the Scavengers always simply seemed like a distraction and a waste of storyline. And with the recent loss of fan favorite Chandler Riggs, it almost seems as if the removal of the Scavengers was a sacrifice to the zombie gods to keep the show in the good graces of the fans.

It was also a very interesting and potential future plot point, when Simon made reference to a helipad and solar panels in the back of the dump. Going so far as to even ask Jadis what they were used for, before having his men mow down Jadis’ weird group of Scavengers.

While the verdict may still be out on whether or not Carl’s death was a harbinger of the Walking Dead’s beginning of the end, Sunday nights episode on the whole was entertaining, and seemed to help set the stage for some of season eight’s story line and perhaps even a future where Negan is more human than villian.



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