In review: The Walking Dead ‘Conquer’

AMC’s The Walking Dead Season Five finale entitled ‘Conquer’ was an exquisite ending to another great season of Robert Kirkman’s ongoing vision of the zombie apocalypse.

AMC’s The Walking Dead Season Five finale entitled ‘Conquer’ was an exquisite ending to another great season of Robert Kirkman’s ongoing vision of the zombie apocalypse. Needless to say the endless speculation and wrong predictions as to who would or would not die did in no way take away from the sheer enjoyment which this closing episode of the current season gave to one and all!

The most important aspect of this season finale was clearly the much anticipated and welcomed addition to Morgan Jones, as played by the amazing Lennie James. Seeing Morgan in bits and pieces of various episodes throughout the fifth season was absolutely welcome, but was well played as his pivotal appearance and contributions to ‘Conquer’ were the highlight of the episode and clearly a much better surprise than the death of a beloved character!

Seeing Rick and his group of strong survivors talking to the residents of their new safe and walled community rather than just murdering them says a lot about how they have still retained the humanity. An example which clearly illustrates this as well was with Glenn, who thankfully did not die in this episode, and chooses not to murder Nicholas, who clearly DESERVED it!

Yet again we also see a very calm, cool and collected Carol take on not only Pete in a way that showed how weak he truly was, but also in the ways in which she talked sense to Rick when she said, “You want this place and you don’t want to lie. Sunshine, you don’t get both.

Sasha on the other hand is clearly a few sandwiches short of an apocalyptic picnic as she sleeps with a pile of dead corpses and almost takes out the undeserving Father Gabriel.

Likewise, seeing Daryl and Aron outside of the walls making a very good team is tons of fun as was seeing the zombie action they found themselves almost overtaken by. But yet again we see a fierce Morgan come to their rescue and when asked why he did it, his answer was simply glorious! “Because all life is precious!

But the ending of this tremendous 90 minute last episode was so worth the wait as Pete shows his true colors and murders Reg, with Deanna giving Rick the OK to assassinate him, which Rick does in an unflinching heart beat!

It will be interesting to see how this assassination affects Morgan as he finally reunites with his long lost last acquaintance in the world as we all now once again wait in utter desperation for the season six premier episode!

On that sad note however, fans of The Walking Dead were also treated to a welcomed trailer for the upcoming, “Fear The Walking Dead” which will debut with a six episode first season this summer. A premier episode I am sure millions of rabid and die hard Walking Dead fans will not miss out on for anything less than the real zombie apocalypse!

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