In review: The Walking Dead #141

This is an issue I would encourage readers of the series to pick up!

From Image Comics and the Skybound imprint, The Walking Dead issue #141 was created and is still written by Robert Kirkman, illustrated by Charlie Adlard, inked by Stefano Gaudiano, with the books grey tones laid down by Cliff Rathburn.

While issue #141 did not have a single zombie or walker in the entire book, this issue, like many others before it is in essence illustrative of the fact that The Walking Dead is at its best; not a story about the zombie apocalypse as much as it is about people surviving within the zombie apocalypse.

Issue 141 was about showing how the system can be begin to break down if those tasked with maintaining it do not do so in a manner consistent with law, order and moral civilization. The entire point of this issue was to show how easy it can be to revert back to the old Mad Max way of keeping people in order; with a jack boot, a gun and some good old fashion violence.

And at the end of the issue, and as if to stress and bring home the point, we see the residents of the Hill Top settlement, which is led by Maggie Green, taking part in a good old fashioned hanging. Issue #141 was quite entertaining as we also got to see Negan get under Rick’s skin as the door to his cell was left open accidentally, to which Negan did nothing but wait for Rick to come back home so that he could illustrate the point of just how vulnerable Rick and his community are.

I was actually a bit surprised at how much I enjoyed this issue, despite the fact that The Walking Dead has just not felt the same for me as of late. This is an issue I would encourage readers of the series to pick up!

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