In Review: The Umbrella Academy -Season Three

The Umbrella Academy: Season Three sees the return of the gang . . . Luther (Tom Hopper) and co. must go up against The Sparrow Academy.
Umbrella Academy Season Three

Synopsis: The Umbrella Academy: Season Three sees the return of the gang . . . Luther (Tom Hopper) and co. must go up against The Sparrow Academy. But they soon discover that things are far from as simple as they seem to be . . .



The action picks up directly following last season. If you’ve watched it, but forgotten, you can read our review of Umbrella Academy: Season Two, to refresh your memory of events. Things build quite slowly. The pacing is done well, in the first few episodes. However, there’s the feeling of a variation on the concept of series two. Also, there’s more complexity than there needs to be, at times. The Umbrella Academy should be fun, first and foremost. That’s always been the show’s super-power. The Umbrella Academy: Season Three suffers from elements of the plot seeming a little too unnecessarily complicated. That said, though, it does seem that things are being set up for later seasons.

Using The Sparrow Academy seemed to be a little wasteful, and felt a plot device, sometimes an extraneous one, too. Perhaps it would have been better to simply have one team against the other. Instead, we get complexity. This does bring nuance. Yet, we get the ongoing background story of who Reginald Hargreaves (Colm Feore) really is, as well. This detracts from the main series arc, instead of building tension. But there were still many cool ideas in it.




The number of cast members didn’t help the acting element. The fact not all new members survived did help. All of the series regulars did a decent job. Tom Hopper again showed us just how complex Luther is, and how conflicted. As was the case in previous series this was shown via interactions with siblings. There was the ongoing battle for leadership, with Diego (David Castaneda), and then his complex relationship with Alison (Emmy Raver-Lampman), too. Both David Casteneda and Emmy Raver-Lampman did fine jobs expressing their traits too, in such scenes.

Justin H. Min gave us a very different version of Ben Hargreeves, which was cool  Again, the acting skills expressed were through sibling interactions. Ben (Justin H. Min) and Klaus (Robert Sheehan) shared some intensely emotional scenes. Both did well. Elliot Page did very well, and managed to excel, in a very talented ensemble. The standout actor though, was definitely Aidan Gallagher, as Five, who at so young an age still managed to upstage everyone else. Ritu Arya as Lila had good presence, whilst newcomer Genesis Rodriguez, as Sloane, established herself well.


CGI & Effects

There was nothing groundbreaking about the effects in The Umbrella Academy: Season Three. But generally, series have a much smaller budget than movies. There seemed to be a little bit of a lack of creativity, in the application of the effects. Perhaps it didn’t help that there wasn’t a lot of powers actually used this time around. One scene that did look impressive was the hotel being there, at the end of the universe. Also, seeing the Sparrow lot use their powers was good, although that didn’t last too long. The lack of incredible CGI wasn’t the reason for this season’s lacking.



The Umbrella Academy: Season Three wasn’t awful, but it was far from great. The anticipation of the third season might be a factor in that judgment. Although, the distinct differences in the plot, and that of the seasons one and two are clear. Ultimately, things just didn’t build to a big finale. After three seasons, we still don’t really know what’s going on. Hopefully, if it happens (it’s not been confirmed yet), then the fourth season might give us some much needed answers. The characters are why people love this show, and them and their stories

Umbrella Academy Season Three
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