In Review: The Tomorrow War

The Tomorrow War (2021) sees Chris Pratt star as Dan Forester, a biology teacher. When soldiers from the future suddenly arrive on Earth
The Tomorrow War

Synopsis: The Tomorrow War (2021) sees Chris Pratt star as Dan Forester, a biology teacher. When soldiers from the future suddenly arrive on Earth, they bring a warning . . . So, the threat must be dealt with. promptly. Cue killer aliens and an unlikely group of heroes.



In many ways a take on the reluctant hero trope. There’s nothing wrong with using tried and tested writing formulas, which  The Tomorrow War does, like many previously reviewed by SciFiPulse. Whilst there’s nothing truly groundbreaking here, the story works well and is what you expect for the genre. However, it does manage to at least attempt to use the science aspect of science fiction. So, it scores extra points for that. Furthermore, it sets out audience expectation and manages to neatly wrap things up by the end of it.

Something that works really well in this film is the pacing of the narrative. Things get going almost immediately, which means  that the story intended to be told is told. This is important as the film isn’t far off two and a half hours long, which means it has a lot of ground to cover. This includes the human interest/relational drama, which it accomplishes well, blending good action with strong characters.


Safe to say there’s no award nominations that will come as a result of the performances in this film, but some solid work still. Chris Pratt leads the line well, and gives a good account of himself. He shows that he’s a fine actor, and more than just an action hero sort.

Yvonne Strahovski plays the future incarnation of the lead character’s daughter. She shows a good range of abilities and attributes.

CGI & Effects

It was vital that the aliens looked good in this film, which they did, fortunately. They were well thought out and didn’t simply look like CGI monsters. It was clear that some planning had gone into their design, and this meant helped them to appear plausible, mostly.


Whilst there’s not exactly a great deal of nuance to this film, it wasn’t entirely cheesy. The idea was well delivered, and provided what is mostly simple escapism. However, there was a little more to things, which was good to see. Although it wasn’t the most intelligent of Sci-fi films, it did try to be more than just a romp. The Tomorrow War didn’t take itself too seriously, but also didn’t descend into parody, either. The film was a good example of its genre, which military sci-fi, or put more simply a modern take on a war film. Good set up and strong enough writing carried this film through, as well as a decent shift put by the main star. It’s definitely worth a watch.


The Tomorrow War is available now to stream with an Amazon Prime account, via Amazon Prime Video.

In Review: The Tomorrow War
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