In Review: The Strain: Mr Quinlan–Vampire Hunter #4

Quinlan races against time to move the dwindling troops into place and support Tacitus’s surge against the Berber horde.

Synopsis: Quinlan races against time to move the dwindling troops into place and support Tacitus’s surge against the Berber horde. Can he hold out against the vampire menace lurking in the desert and fulfill his mission?

Review: In this penultimate issue Quinlan and Tacitus are faced with the huge task of crossing the Desert to Berber while being pursued by The Master’s vampires.

This issue features some incredible art work from the team of Edgar Lapham, Keith Chapagne and Dan Jackson. The artwork depicting these battles has an awesome cinematic quality to it and the colours by Dan Jackson provide copious amounts of blood and gore, which fits the brutality of battle perfectly.

As far as the story goes. This is a big issue and sees a lot of awful luck befall Quinlan as he loses his entire army as well as Tacitus who he has considered to be a friend and brother. The moment in which we lose Tacitus is handled with very much care. I had a lump in my throat and really felt back for Quinlan who despite such losses just keeps buggering on with his mission to Berber.

As a fan of ‘The Strain’ this comic book series has been a true treat for me.

It has also given me more context and backstory for a character that I pretty much latched onto as soon as he was introduced during the tail end of season 2.

Dark Horse have done an awesome job with this series and I hope that we’ll get to see more like it in the new year. Perhaps a few adventures with Abraham Setrakian during the 60s when he was hunting the strigoi on his own.

I’m looking forward to next month or would that be next years finale.

The Strain: Mr Quinlan--Vampire Hunter #4
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