In Review: The Strain: Mister Quinlan – Vampire Hunter #3

Quintus and his soldiers take on the Berber hordes

Synopsis: While leading heat-stricken and water-deprived Roman soldiers through the scorching desert to fight back against the Berber hordes, Quinlan uncovers a grave scheme that has the potential to obliterate his troops entirely.

Review: This third issue sees Quintus being the second in command of a legion of Roman soldiers.

When sent on a mission to confront the Berbe hordes it soon becomes evident that one of the Master’s schemes in in play. A scheme so insidious it could potentially wipe out all 200 of his men.

This issue also explores the early stages of Quintus’s relationship with the elders who inform him that should he survive Rome. He will become their ally in their campaign against The Master.

David Lapham continues to tell an intriguing narrative that explores the early life of Quintus, and broadens out much of what we have learned of him in the shows recent third season.

The artwork from Edgar Salazar maintains its high standard. I particularly love the work he has done on the worms within the infected blood as well as the moments where Quintus has to use his stinger.

This is a comic book series that is the perfect partner to ‘The Strain’ television series and I continue to look forward to each and every issue. Dark Horse have done some fantastic work on this.

The Strain: Mister Quinlan – Vampire Hunter #3
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