In Review: The Shannara Chronicles – Warlock & Amberle

Wil must confront his past; the bond between Allanon and Mareth continues to grow.

Synopsis: Wil must confront his past; the bond between Allanon and Mareth continues to grow.

Review: With Prince Ander dead. It is up to Eretria to get Lyria to safety and then reunite with Wil who has his own quest to see through. Elsewhere Allanon learns that Mareth is the prophesized Druid and he must train her so she can be ready for the forthcoming battles to come.

Bandon has managed to resurrect the Warlock Lord who looks like a somewhat more evil version of Allanon. The Warlock insists that Bandon reject all love and to prove his worthiness he must murder his recently resurrected girlfriend.

General Riga continues his quest to wipe all magic from the four lands and is given information about Allanon and Mareth.

These two episodes had it all. We see Eretria fail to tackle one of the more powerful demons and winds up being possessed by it. Wil has a personal quest in which he must let Amberle go so he can stand the future fight free of any guilt and doubt. While Allanon and his daughter Mareth become closer, but it is at a huge cost to their personal safety. Possibly their very lives.

None of the characters are wasted in these two episodes. General Riga finally gets his comeuppance and we get to see just how savagely brutal the Warlock Lord actually is.

By the close of these two episodes, we’re left with an unbelievable cliffhanger that will have UK viewers on the edge of their seats and then some.

We end up with Allanon and Mareth facing death together while Wil is going back to regroup with his people with an untrustworthy and somewhat possessed Eretria in tow.

Overall. This two episode was very much a heroes journey for Wil as he sheds himself of the last vestiges of self doubt in order to go forth. While Allannon and Mareth not only bond as teacher and student, but also as father and daughter. We can only hope that they survive to enjoy it. Meanwhile, Bandon and the Warlock Lord make ready to execute their plans.

A fantastic performance from both Manu Bennett and Desmond Chiam. The scene where Riga confronts The Warlock Lord is particularly well played. 

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