In Review: The Shannara Chronicles – Utopia

Eretria is sold to a human settlement in troll country. Ander has mixed feelings about becoming King.

Synopsis: Eretria is sold to a human settlement in troll country. Ander has mixed feelings about becoming King.

Review: Eretria is sold to a settlement called Utopia, which is smack bang in the centre of Troll territory, but the seemingly idyllic human dwelling hides a dark and nasty secret.

Meanwhile Amberle and Wil are rushing through the woods trying to pick up the tracks left behind by Eretria and her human hosts in Utopia. Along the way they come into contact with Cephelo who cons them into freeing him from a Troll trap in exchange for him showing them where Utopia is.

Back in the Elf Kingdom Ander has buried himself in self pity and alcohol in order to avoid his responsibilities as the new King.  Thankfully Allanon is on hang to tell him what a self serving prick he is being for avoiding his responsibilities.

The small town of Utopia in this episode is made up of 20th century technology mixed in with a medieval style of living. They seem to have a home cinema system, which they play ‘Star Trek: The Motion Picture’ on and boo at Mr Spock because his ears make him appear elvish. They also seem to have vinyl records and dance to house music, but most frightening of all is the fact that they possess hand guns and use them for recreational target practice. In fact the whole culture of Utopia is a good mix of 20th century with the middle ages.

In the episode the towns leader Tye becomes so besotted by Eretria that he is looking to find a new human from within the town to sacrifice to the trolls, but as luck would have it two elves and a human fall into his hands in the form of Amberle, Wil and Cephelo.

Of course Eretria winds up seeing Tye for the double crosser that he is and rescues her friends from their fate and gets away with them, but the only reason they are able to get away is thanks to Cephelo staying behind and in the ultimate act of redemption giving his life so that they can continue on their mission to save the world from the demons.

All in all this was a really strong episode, which mostly centred on Eretria being tested by all that Utopia had to offer her.

The Shannara Chronicles - Utopia
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