In Review: The Shannara Chronicles – Safehold

Will, Amberle and Eratria make their way through the tunnels of Safehold to the temple of the Bloodfire.

Synopsis: Will, Amberle and Eratria make their way through the tunnels of Safehold to the temple of the Bloodfire. A possessed Brandon turns voilent.

Review: Lots happening this week.

Will, Amberle and Eratria make their escape from Utopia through the tunnels where they have a dangerous course to plot, but their destination turns out to be a major test for Eratria as she is revealed as a child of the apocalypse.

Meanwhile back at the Elf Kingdom a newly crowned King Ander is setting about preparing his soldiers for battle with the Dagda Mor and makes an alliance with some of the Dwarfs.

Allanon continues to train Brandon in the ways of the druids, but doesn’t count on Brandon being possessed by the Dagda Mor, but still tries to teach Brandon to fight the evil off. Unfortunately Brandon is unable to fight the possession and turns violent against King Ander and pretty much anyone else that gets in his path.

Much was revealed in this episode, but the biggest thing to happen was the final leaf of the Ellcrys falls to the ground as the tree dies. Meanwhile back at Safehold Eratria lies limp and pretty badly hurt. Will tries to help her, but cannot revive her to consciousness. Is she dead? Of that we are unsure. Its kind of left open for the season one finale, which will air next week on 5Star.

I’m really enjoying where this story is going and I love the fact that it is fantasy blended with a few familiar sights from the 20th and 21st century.

Manu Bennett is incredible value as Allanon and the relationship forming between him and his protege Brandon is interesting to watch, but a part of me wants him to link back up with Will and Amberle who could use a steady presence among them.

It be interesting to see just epic next weeks finale will be given that their is likely to be a huge battle.

The Shannara Chronicles - Safehold
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