In Review: The Shannara Chronicles – Reaper

The Dagda Mor sends the Reaper after Amberle and Wil as they are taken prisoner, once again, by Cephelo.

Synopsis: The Dagda Mor sends the Reaper after Amberle and Wil as they are taken prisoner, once again, by Cephelo. Allanon trains Bandon. Ander is forced to make a difficult decision.

Review: Amberle and Wil along with Eretria continue their journey to Wilderun only to get captured by the rovers once again.

Meanwhile back at the elven palace a plot is brewing to make a move against the demons, it is not sanctioned by King Elessedil who prefers to take a more cautious approach than Andor.

Alanon meanwhile has found an apprentice in the form of Bandon who is is training in order to hopefully help him keep tabs on Bandon.

This fifth episode of the series had a fair few plot threads on the go.

Finally Eretria and and Amberle have learned to trust each other, but its not likely to be easy for them.

The road to Wildrun proves pretty perilous for the team, but provides an unexpected ally in the form of Cephelo who would pretty much do anything to save his skin.

Back at the palace a plot is brewing, which has some pretty bad implications for the kingdom due to someone not being who they seem to be.

This episode moves things along nicely and the core team are starting to bond while on their journey.

The intrigue in the palace though kind of killed the pacing of this episode a little bit though, but thankfully the pay off at the close more than justified the plot point, which is likely to cause much grief in the weeks to come.

The Shannara Chronicles - Reaper
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