In Review: The Shannara Chronicles – Paranor

Wil, Allanon, and Mareth confront a powerful Bandon.  

Synopsis: Wil, Allanon, and Mareth confront a powerful Bandon.

Review: Wil goes to rescue Flick from Bandon with some help from Allanon and Mareth, but Allanon’s plans backfire and endanger the life of Flick, which puts Wil and Mareth on a deadly path, which sees them travel backward in time to the days of Wil’s father.

In the Kingdom of Leah Ander and his future wife Lyria make plans to try and unite all four tribes in a pending battle against the Crimson. Naturally, Ander has concerns with regards to Lyria putting herself in harm’s way.

Elsewhere Eretria has reconnected with Cogline who reveals the truth about her past and her origins. Turns out that Eretria has a dark path to walk and can possibly be trained to control the demon’s that threaten the four Kingdoms.

This was an episode that was absolutely packed with story and revelations with regards to several key characters. It was fun to learn about Eretria and the fact that she has magical abilities, which are as yet to be fully explored. Also fun is the time travel element, which sees Wil meeting a younger version of his father and revealing him to be the Shannara.

Allanon and Bandon have a little to do but are merely used as a plot device in this episode in order to give Wil reason to try and retrieve the Skull of Paranor with help from Mareth. Unfortunately for them. Their attempt sees them transported backward in time, but as yet we are to learn the reason why.

Eretria gets a wicked fight scene at the start of the episode, which sees her take down about six footsoldiers from Leah. Kudo’s have to go to whoever choreographed that fight because it was pretty awesome.

Overall. A solid episode, which ends with a somewhat dramatic cliffhanger.

The Shannara Chronicles - Paranor
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