In Review: The Shannara Chronicles – Dweller

Wil, Mareth, and Allanon travel to a dangerous territory for an answer

Synopsis: Wil, Mareth, and Allanon travel to a dangerous territory for an answer, King Ander meets the Princess of Leah, but learns that she’s more than he bargained for.

Review: Having rescued Allanon in last week’s episode. The gang has to split up again in order to try and keep King Ander safe as well as preparing to fend off Bandon and his demons.  To that end, Eretria and Garet Jax head to the kingdom of Leah to warn Ander that he has a traitor in his group. While Allanon, Wil and Mareth head out to rescue Wil’s Uncle Flick from Bandon.

Elsewhere Bandon takes Flick to his old home and terrorizes the family that now lives there in order to make a point about the ills of human nature.

In Leah King Ander finally, meets the Princess and learns from her about her love for Eretria and seems to be fine with it. Which means that the marriage is even more of an arrangement than initially anticipated. The Princess agreeing to the marriage in order to hold more sway and power over her mother.

While on the way to rescue Uncle Flick. Wil, Allanon, and Mareth make a detour to find the sword of Shannara. A weapon that Wil must wield in order to save the Four Kingdoms from Bandon’s unholy alliance and its potential repercussions. This side trip doesn’t go down well with Wil, but it does give Mareth and Allanon some opportunity to bond as father and daughter and creates some space for some nice character beats and backstory about how Mareth first learned about her magic. Though it would not be ‘The Shannara Chronicles’ if there wasn’t some form of danger lurking and this week that comes from a creature called the Dweller, which is instrumental is playing back a memory that Wil has about his father and the sword.

Overall. This was a strong episode, which gave us more information about Mareth and Wil without sinking to soap opera levels of drama in order to do so. I really enjoyed the scene in the caves where Mareth confides in her father about the first day she learned about her magic and why she needs his help. I look forward to seeing this relationship develop in the weeks to come.

Once again great performances from Austin ButlerManu BennettIvana Baquero, and newcomer Malese Jow. Sadly no lessons is badassery and general evilness from Desmond Chiam as General Riga this week. Hopefully, we get to see him doing his thing next week. 

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