In Review: The Shadow/Batman #6

Writer Steve Orlando and artist Giovanni Timpano saved the best for last.

Synopsis: For centuries, the Silent Seven has held Earth in its evil grip, but nothing lasts forever. The Shadow and Batman have infiltrated the Seven’s personal stronghold at great personal cost. They didn’t expect to find one of their own standing against them once they arrived. It’s Robin versus Batman with society itself in the balance as the Shadow steps into the one place even he has feared to go: The Deadly Mind of Shiwan Khan. Can three generations of crimefighting overcome centuries of evil? It’s a crucible they can only overcome through the one thing none of them have: trust.

Review: The Shadow/Batman #6 is the final chapter in this story. Writer Steve Orlando and artist Giovanni Timpano saved the best for last. When I say they saved the best for last, I mean that The Shadow and Batman were finally allowed to cycle through their self-loathing and inadequacy to reach necessary epiphanies.

As I’ve said in previous reviews, these tropes are worn, and the pacing of these six issues dragged. They didn’t have enough of this same old story to go around. As a result, the tale was a five-issue wind up to a one issue pitch. That said, this final installment represented an excellent fastball.

Readers were given copious split screens again, as The Shadow and Batman took on their respective enemies amid a great deal of dialogue. I preferred the confrontation between The Shadow and Shiwan Khan to that between Batman and Ra’s al Ghul. The staging of The Shadow’s mental duel seemed to be a vast improvement upon the final confrontation between the two characters in the highly regrettable 1994 movie. I also appreciated the irony and art in Ra’s al Ghul’s fate. How final his fate actually is, though, depends on the needs of the next story arc.

In conclusion, I’d like to request less post-modern character deconstruction in stories with The Shadow and Batman going forward. I’m a fan of old-school pulp storytelling. I find efforts to add psychological layers usually come off as pretentious.

Written by

Steve Orlando

Art by

Giovanni Timpano

Published by


The Shadow/Batman #6
  • Final chapter and art.
  • The story had worn out tropes.
  • Story
  • Art
  • Lettering
  • Cover

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