IN REVIEW: THE SANTA CLAUSES (S2 EP 6) – Wanga Banga Langa!

When Mad Santa and Olga finally reach the North Pole, Santa and the elves must defend their home.

Synopsis: When Mad Santa and Olga finally reach the North Pole, Santa and the elves must defend their home.


The Story

As Mad Santa takes over the North Pole. The Calvins must team up with La Befana, Kris Kringle, and the elves as well as some new allies to defeat Mad Santa. Meanwhile, Betty and Olga do battle, but find out that there is more that unites them than divides them. Added to this Sandra learns about the source of her magic and manages to return the Easter Bunny back to his original form. 


The Acting

Tim Allen and Eric Stonestreet finally get their moment to show us the game of wits between Scott Calvin’s Santa and The Magnus Antas Santa and they don’t disappoint. The dialogue between the two Santas is lots of fun and thankfully things don’t get too nasty. This is a family show. We also get a few fun scenes from Matilda Lawler and Marta Kessler as Betty and Olga finally get to do battle. However, at the end of that fight comes a fun scene of Betty and Olga making things in Santa’s workshop and bonding over the creative process that goes into making stuff. This also allows us to learn about the Gnomes who up until now have been the villains. And the thing with Gnomes is that when they try to make toys. They wind up making useful things like toasters. 



Wanga Banga Langa! concludes the season arc and could potentially be the series conclusion too. I enjoyed how they wrapped this series up and that Magnus Antas and Olga got a chance at redemption as they made for quite cuddly villains. I think seeing Betty and Noel go off at the end for their 7+ month honeymoon was a nice touch, but might also be the end of their chapter on the series. For me this feels very much like a series finale, but given it got renewed for a second season last year. I’d not place money on that bet. After all, even with Betty and Noel gone. We have some fun new characters that could likely help carry another season should Disney decide to do one.

THE SANTA CLAUSES (S2 EP 6) – Wanga Banga Langa!
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  • hello
    29 December 2023 at 5:39 pm -

    I didn’t like the end much because if Betty and Noel will not return from Kribble Krabble as a result they can remove the actors from a possible third season and to me this would only make me sorry because for me it is them to make this TV series special, along with the characters of Kal and Raly. Bye and Thanks!

    • Ian Cullen
      29 December 2023 at 5:49 pm -

      Aye. I tend to agree that it would be a big loss for the show if Noel and Betty don’t return. That said though. The show is not lacking for stand out characters.