In Review: The Santa Clauses (S1 – EP6) A Christmas to Remember

The Calvin Family races against the clock to save the North Pole and Christmas.

Synopsis: In A Christmas to Remember. The Calvin Family races against the clock to save the North Pole and Christmas.


The Story

Picking up the story from last week. The Calvins have made their way back to the North Pole and Scott has managed to get himself captured. This means that Noel, Carol, Cal, and Sandra have to launch a rescue, which involves helping Scott aka the real Santa eat his way out of the prison cell. Having learned that Simon has not worn the Santa suit yet. Scott and his family with a little help from Noel set out to find the suit before Simon can so they can fix Christmas.


The Acting

The cast and crew do a brilliant job in this series or maybe the season finale. Tim Allen ably leads the cast as Scott while Kal Penn continues to shine as a fun villain in the form of Simon who is not really a villain but is more like someone who has lost their way. We get a great scene from Elizabeth Mitchell as Carol aka Mrs. Claus takes on the giant tin soldiers, which get resurrected. The scene is obviously sending up films such as the Matrix and John Wick and it’s a hoot. Carol also has a fun scene toward the end of the episode where she tells The Christmas Witch La Befana (Laura San Giacomo) about Scott’s journey into the Yule-Verse. They both observe that he only met the male manifestations of Christmas, but none of the famous female gift-givers. Hopefully, if they do another series. They will get to address this. As there are quite a few female Christmas Gift Givers in Christmas mythology from around the world. 



A Christmas to Remember does a pretty good job of wrapping up the series and works out well as a limited series. But there are plenty of potential storylines that they could explore if the team behind this show chose to do another series. For example, you could potentially do a show that explores La Befana and the many other Christmas Gift Bringers from around the world.

Overall. This was a fun series and a rare Christmas treat.

The Santa Clauses (S1 - EP6) A Christmas to Remember
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