In Review: The Santa Clauses (S1 – EP5) Chapter Five: Across the Yule-Verse

In Across the Yule-Verse Scott learns the truth about how he came to be Santa.

Synopsis: In Across the Yule-Verse Scott learns the truth about how he came to be Santa. Meanwhile, Simon continues to mess Christmas up.


The Story

Having settled back into the suburbs of Chicago on last week’s episode. The Kids and Carol have pretty much made themselves at home. But Scott is still struggling to assimilate back into normal life. However, when he gets a visit from Bernard the Elf who left the North Pole many years back. Scott finds himself taken on a whistle-stop tour of the Yule-Verse and finds out that he was the first ever human Santa Clause and also learns that his Children having been born at the North Pole potentially possess Christmas magic.


The Acting

This episode saw the return of the fantastic David Krumholtz as Bernard, which was great to see. As he and Tim Allen made for a wonderful double act as Santa and Bernard in the original movie trilogy. Kal Penn continues to be brilliantly fun as Simon Choksi whose lack of understanding about Christmas continues to kill off the Elf population. 



Across the Yule-Verse was a fun episode, which once again delved into the mythology behind Christmas by including the 17th Santa who was Scott Calvin’s predecessor in the red suit as well the iconic St Nicholas, Papai Noel, and the Krampus. I l love that these figures got included, but would love to see them include Babushka at some point because she has a very interesting Christmas origin story attached to her. 

Overall. Lots of fun is had here. I loved the part where Carol aka Mrs. Clause, Cal, and his Sister Sandra figure out how to get back to the North Pole with a flying horse and cart. Also, the bits where Scott is deflecting everything back at Bernard whenever he is challenged was a return to what made the movie series that this show is based on so much fun.

I can’t wait to see what happens next. As this show is like a little Christmas Gift that appeals to my inner 8 – year old self.

The Santa Clauses (S1 - EP5) Chapter Five: Across the Yule-Verse
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