In Review: The Rocketeer: The Great Race #3 (of 4)

The Rocketeer is plunging from the sky in a terrifying death spiral, with no way to save himself!

Synopsis: The Rocketeer is plunging from the sky in a terrifying death spiral, with no way to save himself! Even if Cliff Secord manages to survive, he’ll need to contend with Axis versus Allies in a bar brawl of international proportions! All this while Betty takes on a nefarious enemy of her own!


The Story

Having run low on fuel in the last issue. Cliff Secord is in a rather tricky situation, but thankfully his fellow racer Debbie Seville is on hand to save him. As she performs some impressive aerobatics in order to allow Cliff to refuel his plane.

As they land in London. The rivalry between Cliff and The Baron intensifies when The Baron provokes a fight. Meanwhile in France. The Nazis are making their moves to kidnap Cliff’s girlfriend Bettie so that they can use her to try and get Cliff to hand over Nkosi’s experimental plane.


The Artwork

Gabriel Rodriguez continues to do a great job with the artwork and carries on capturing the spirit of the original Dave Stevens strips. I loved the sequence of panels at the start of the book where Cliff and Debbie perform some Aerobatics to allow Cliff to refuel. I also thought the Bar fight was well-drawn and quite enjoyed seeing the micro-expressions of the police when The Baron tries to sort things out.

Also, the visual build-up to Cliff putting on the Rocketeer outfit to save Bettie is handled really well.



This penultimate issue sets things up brilliant for the final issue, which will hit stores next month. Bettie getting kidnapped and saving herself before Cliff arrives on the scene is almost predictable at this point. But it is also an aspect of The Rocketeer that has kept readers coming back for ages.

I really liked how Cliff’s friendship with Debbie was written and the somewhat awkward moment when Cliff learns that she is gay was fun because of the Awkwardness of the moment, which felt very much in keeping with the 1940s.

The Rocketeer: The Great Race #3 (of 4
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