In Review: The Rocketeer: In the Den of Thieves #4

Cliff is behind enemy lines and face-to-face with a full-flying complement of Nazi Rocketmen!

Synopsis: In the sky-scorching finale of Den of Thieves. Cliff is behind enemy lines and face-to-face with a full-flying complement of Nazi Rocketmen! As if this wasn’t bad enough, he, along with Peevy and Betty, have to spoil the Nazi’s last dirty trick—an AMERIKABOMBER, a prototype long-range transport, equipped and crammed with a squadron of enhanced Rocketmen, each armed with miniature rocket-propelled bombs…targeting New York!


The Story

Having infiltrated the Nazi base in last month’s issue. Cliff and Betty set about doing all they can to rescue their friend Peevy who has been forced to help the Nazis develop their new rocket packs. As Cliff and Betty find Peevy. Their next move is to get the hell out of dodge and steal a plane from the Nazi Airbase. But could this rescue mission have been made a little too easy by the Nazis. As it seems that the Nazis have managed to follow Cliff, Betty, and Peev home.


The Artwork

David Messina gets to draw some fantastic action beats for this final issue. The image of a load of Nazi Rocketeers flying toward the Big Apple makes for a truly breathtaking image and Messina executes it brilliantly. I also loved the image of Manhattan, which is a few pages from the end of the book. Another really fun image is where we see Betty dressed in one of the Nazi rocket packs as she comes to cliffs rescue. Hopefully, we get to see more imagery like this in future stories.



Stephen Mooney does a solid job of bringing Den of Thieves to a satisfying conclusion and manages to give a bit of character growth to Cliff and Betty as we see them on a more equal footing. Overall this is a great ending for the story, but also a great foundation to build future adventures on.

The Rocketeer: In the Den of Thieves #4
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