After Shepard's flight to space, a question looms over all the astronauts, what's next?

Synopsis: After Shepard’s flight to space, a question looms over all the astronauts, what’s next?


The Story

In the season finale. Shepard takes the first flight into space, which proves a success. But it leaves all the astronauts pondering the question of what is next. It’s a question that President John F. Kennedy also ponders as he secures funds and throws down a Gauntlet to the space program. Kennedy seeks to put a man on the moon before the decade is out.

Out of the astronauts. John Glenn is the first to try and figure out a means by which he can be that man. Be that person that manages to surpass what has already been done.

Meanwhile. Gordo’s flippant comments to the press come back to bite him. As Trudy takes the kids and leaves him. Her plan is to join Jerrie Cobb’s program and be one of the first women in space. Unfortunately, Jerrie has to refuse Trudy’s application so as to distance her program from Gordo’s chauvinistic comments.


The Acting

Jake McDorman and Patrick J. Adams absolutely nail their performances as Alan Shepard and John Glenn. With much of the animosity between them sorted out. The two go about their responsibilities to each other in a smooth fashion. But once the flight is done. The two astronauts have a clash of their individual philosophies.

We also get great performances from Patrick Fischler and Eric Ladin as Nasa head Bob Gilruth and flight director Chris Kraft. The scene that they both share after hearing Kennedy’s speech that seeks to put a man on the moon is a lot of fun. Especially given that neither of them thought it possible to do within that given timeframe.



Overall. This was a fairly satisfying season finale, which played out pretty much how I thought it would. It manages to tick the boxes. We get to see Alan Shepard become the first American in space, and we also get to see the historical context of Kennedy’s famous moon speech played out. As well as the various questions as to where the space program should attempt to go from here.

Once again we get a few scenes with regards to Jerrie Cobb and the early days of her Mercury 13 program, which is nicely juxtaposed with the successes of the Mercury 7 astronauts. Hopefully, we’ll get to see more of this in the second season as we get to see Gus Grissom take his turn.

THE RIGHT STUFF (S1 – EP8) - Flight
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