In Review: The Right Stuff (S1 – Ep6) Vostok

With JFK now in office, NASA finds itself under scrutiny, and Shepard's flight is delayed. 
The Right Stuff

Synopsis: In this week’s The Right Stuff. With JFK now in office, NASA finds itself under scrutiny, and Shepard’s flight is delayed.


The Story

John F. Kennedy has just taken office as the new President of the USA, which could mean trouble for NASA. America’s new Commander and Chief has issued a scientific investigation into NASA’s space program. Added to this is John Glen’s falling out with Al Shepard, which sees Glen writing letters to whoever will listen to try and have Shepard removed from the program.

Meanwhile, Shepard continues to struggle with the medical complaint that he is keeping secret from the program. However, things get tricky for him when JFK’s investigation finds a medical problem with one of the candidates. This all soon becomes a moot point when Russia’s Yuri Gagarin becomes the first man in space proving that the cosmonaut has the right stuff.


The Acting

Patrick J. Adams continues to act his way into orbit and this week shows off the most self-righteous side of John Glen. After last week having saved the program and having saved Al Shepard from a rather embarrassing news story. The Astronaut, who was the third American in space begins a letter-writing campaign to try and have Shepard ejected from the program. The scene where he is writing the letters and gets caught by his wife Annie (Nora Zehetner) is brilliantly performed.

We also get a great performance this week from Eric Ladin in his role as the second in command of NASA Chris Kraft. The scene where Kraft has to ground Astronaut Deke Slayton (Micah Stock) is handled really well and really makes you empathize with Deke.



This was a really strong episode. I really enjoyed the dramatization of the demonstration that Al Shepard has to give to JFK’s Investigation team. Also good was the reaction from the Astronauts when they learn about Yuri Gregarin’s space flight. A particularly bitter pill to swallow given that newly elected President John F. Kennedy slowed them down.

On an interesting side note. I learned recently from a friend that Yuri Gregarin visited Stretford here in Greater Manchester after he got back from space. You can actually read about his visit here if it is of interest to you.

The Right Stuff (S1 - Ep6) Vostok
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