In Review: The Raid #1

An all-new story from the world of the martial arts masterpiece!

Synopsis: An all-new story from the world of the martial arts masterpiece!

Written by Ollie Masters (The Kitchen) with art by Budi Setiwan (Rex Royd).

Go beyond the movie to discover the sinister truth behind Hammer Girl and Baseball Bat Man.

“Remember your first time with ‘Hard Boiled’? ‘Die Hard’? This is how it’s done – a clean, hard, constant hit of adrenalin.” – Empire

Review: Set during the second of the two Raid movies. This first issue of the new comic book tie-in focuses a lot of reintroducing us to the characters through the eyes of newcomer Teja who is a member of the special forces police unit, which the films focus on.

The story begins with Uco being released from Prison, but when he expresses concerns about why his friend Yuda isn’t being released he is fobbed off by the warden. As we know Yuda is really the undercover cop Rama.

The action then shifts to a nightclub and a Raid led by newcomer Teja who is after crime boss Bejo, but it all goes to crap and Teja ends up paying a heavy price.

Overall the comic does a fairly good job of bringing the world of the films to print, but at times it can be a little overly reliant on the assumption that the reader has seen the films. It helps that the characters are so colorful and easily remembered. I mean how can you not remember Hammer Girl and her weapon of choice claw hammers.

Overall. The book delivers on the action and fast-paced storytelling that fans of the film will expect, but it might be helpful to the uninitiated to check out the films to give them a feel for what they can expect from this book as it moves forward.

The panels where Teja gets called out on his unauthorized Raid by his superior officer kind of put me in mind of how Captain Dolby would call out Starsky and Hutch in the old seventies series.

The Raid #1 is out now on both print and digital and is published by Titan Comics.

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