In Review: The Outpost – This is One Strange Town

Talon, last of the Blackbloods continues her efforts to harness her powers

Synopsis: Talon, last of the Blackbloods continues her efforts to harness her powers and help Gwynn overthrow the oppressive Prime Order.

Review: Picking up from last week. Talon has a rival and the Queen is made an unusual offer.

The Story

Talon is having doubts about whether or not she is truly the chosen one, and the arrival of Rebb another Blackblood, who seems to have perfect control of a demon hasn’t done much to assuage them. Rebb fills Talon in about what happened to her and her tribe and tries to convince Talon to hand her power over to her. Talon isn’t totally convinced and takes time to think on it.

Back at the Outpost Gwynn oversee the arrival of Tobin. A prince from one of the other Royal houses. He makes her the offer of everything that is his including his armies in exchange for her hand in marriage. Gwynn is not impressed.

Out of concern for her friend. Gwynn has Naya give Janzo a makeover in an attempt to make him more appealing to Talon, but it is very obvious that Naya has a thing for the humble barkeep and brewer.

The Acting

Glynis Barber puts in a fun guest appearance as Gertrusha who is the more successful sister of The Mistress. Fans of British Television will no doubt remember Barber for her roles in ‘Blake’s 7’ and ‘Dempsey and Makepiece’. 

Aaron Fontaine makes a great first impression as the somewhat full of himself Tobin who has a hilarious scene with Gwynn where she pretty much shoots his offer of marriage down.

Jessica Green and Lilli Hollunder share an intriguing and tension fills scene at the start of the episode in which Rebb is trying to persuade Talon to handover the power that she is carrying with her. A power that she cannot wield without the book, which Rebb happens to have. I look forward to seeing more scenes between these two.


This was an average episode, which does the minimum required to push the story arc on a little, but in my opinion too little. On the upside, there are a few great comedy performances from several cast members, which I suspect is to soften us up for the darker and edgier stuff that is just around the corner.

The search is still happening for Garrett, but we are not entirely sure whether he survived his ordeal, but the little hope given at the close of the episode might suggest that he is.

The Outpost - This is One Strange Town
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