In Review: The Orville – Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

A time distortion affects Ed and Kelly's relationship. 

Synopsis: A time distortion affects Ed and Kelly’s relationship.

Review: This episode explores Ed and Kelly’s past relationship via a time travel anomaly.

The Story

When an accident with the temporal engines brings a younger version of Kelly to the ship. Ed sees it as a second chance at the relationship he once shared with his first officer but soon learns that a lot has changed for him on a personal and professional level. Whereas the younger Kelly hasn’t had the 7 years of experience that her older self has had.

The Acting

Adrianne Palicki pulls double duty this week by having to play the older and wiser version of Kelly as well as the younger version. She does a really good job too given that the dynamics between both Kelly’s and the various crew members are very different. The younger Kelly is a lot more hopeful about the future and things like marriage and career whereas the older version is more seasoned and cautious due to experience.

Jessica Szohr also puts in a solid performance as she befriends the younger Kelly and pretty much helps us see things from the point of view of a newcomer to the Orville, which is what both she and this younger Kelly are.


This is a real character driven episode which not only gives Ed a second chance at Kelly but also deals with the benefits and pitfalls of hindsight from Kelly’s point of view.

I thought Palicki did a superb job of portraying both older and younger versions of the character and the talk that the older version of Kelly has with Ed just prior to him trying to have a relationship with the younger version was really delicately done.

We also get a little Kaylon action in the episode when it looks like The Orville could be under threat of being attacked, but thanks to the younger Kelly’s quick thinking the crew are able to cleverly outwit them.

Overall. This was a pretty good episode, which has a surprise ending, which I think they will need to follow up on in some way in the weeks to come.

The Orville - Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow
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