In Review: The Orville – Sanctuary

Ed discovers that Moclans aboard the Orville are harboring a secret.

Synopsis: Ed discovers that Moclans aboard the Orville are harboring a secret.

Review: The Orville gets rather political this week with another story focusing on Moclan culture and a difference of opinion that could see Moclas leaving the Union.

The Story

When The Orville pulls into a Moclan starbase for weapons upgrades it winds up picking up two Moclan passengers who are secretly smuggling their daughter off the planet in order to go to a secret Moclan sanctuary where all the female children are allowed to live out their lives without threat of having to undergo the gender re-assignment that the all-male Moclan culture demands.

Bortus, who is sensitive to their cause due to the fact that his son was once female until the backward laws of his homeworld decided otherwise chooses to help the Moclan couple, but unfortunately, his Husband learns of it from their son Topa and Orville’s crew is suddenly pulled into a situation where they need to call upon the Union Councill for help with.

The Acting

This week had a lot of solid performances including a fun but brief guest appearance from Marina Sirtis as the Orville’s school teacher. Peter Macon is superb as Bortus and has a few really strong scenes. One of which is a pointed altercation he has with his Husband Klyden who has always been uncomfortable living among females on the ship. Which is something Bortus points out when Klyden does not acknowledge Kelly’s presence.


When I first sat down to watch this. I thought, “Please, not another Moclan episode.” I mean we have had quite a few of them this season.

Thankfully though that changed when an entire planet’s worth of Moclan females was brought into the equation to illustrate what a backward culture they are. This is a wonderful sequel to last seasons episode that dealt with how Moclan’s forced the few females that were born on their planet to undergo gender reassignment because they are an all-male culture and females are not to be tolerated.

Because of the complexity of the issue and the fact that Ed encourages the leader of the Moclan colony to pursue Union protection from Moclas. We get to see how the Union Council operates. And the arguments are very well made from all sides.

Of course, the fate of the planet is decided, but not to a point where the issues cannot be revisited should The Orville get to fly for a third season.

Overall. A great episode.

The Orville - Sanctuary
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